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Sharee is a loving mother and avid coach. She can go from a sweetheart to a rabid Dance Mom in a matter of seconds. She’s a great cook, but don’t ask her to vacuum, because that won’t happen willingly.

D. A. Naomi Lester is

 a no-holes-barred prosecutor. 

She will take down the bad guy without a second thought, but you better make sure you have your case lined up right, because this woman hates to lose!

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Gwen-Delle is no nonsense Southern Belle. She can ‘bless your heart’ with the best of them. She has no time for any of your guff and you do not want to be on her bad side.

She’s also always on the prowl for her next very rich husband.

Detective Walker cares only about

 protecting her city. Make no mistake, she’ll get her collar, even if she has to bend the rules to make it happen.  If you commit a crime on her turf, she will come for you!

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Passionate about saving lives,

Dr Anna Murdock will deliver

Bad news with a gentle touch or

Spend hours in surgery fixing all that ails you. Fearless in the E.R and not afraid to bump heads with admin; anything to keep that patient going.

Marie, aka W4TCH3R can upload a virus in your TOR and mess with every GUI On your HUD.

Despite her sweet exterior, she certainly wears a gray hat as opposed to a decided black or white on. Cross her, and you may find your identity compromised!

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